Barkleigh is the leading company serving the pet care industry. Barkleigh produces Groomer to Groomer Magazine (25 years history) and Pet Boarding & Daycare magazines. They produce eight industry trade shows, including Groom Expo, Groom Expo West, Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo, The All American Grooming Show, among others. Newer ventures include GroomerTV Barkleigh also has a line of products dedicated to pet care professionals. Barkleigh has 30 years history on producing the LARGEST grooming show in the world, GroomExpo. Groomer to Groomer magazine began 25 years ago, as a media arm of Barkleigh Productions, teaching professional groomers how to promote their business through the use of Barkleigh products. It soon became a vehicle of grooming news for the burgeoning professional pet-care industry, carrying news of contests, calendar of events, features and product news. Each issue goes to approximately 25,000 Pet Care Professionals! Barkleigh produce groomers educational program with Barkleigh certification. Barkleigh partner with AKC (American Kennel Club) offers grooming seminars educations and issue joint certification on Knowing the breed programs. Barkleigh is the largest and leading pet grooming company in USA.

International Dog Grooming Academy (IDGA)

International Dog Grooming Academy is not merely another association but an organization in which individual groomers, grooming associations, grooming show organizers, grooming schools, manufacturers of grooming products and equipment, and other professionals from around the world can join together. Our intention is not to compete with any regional or national association or any national or international show organizers, but rather to help them join together to raise the standards of the profession through education and global cooperation.

NGKC (National General Kennel Club, China)

NGKC is the only AKC partner in China. NGKC produce most and largest grooming shows in China. NGKC is also the only authorized organization by China Animal Agriculture Association.

Groomteam Korea

Groom Team Korea

The goal of Groomteam Korea is to encourage Korean groomers to join the competitive world competitions. Groomteam Korea will help professional pet stylists to maximize their grooming education and skills. GroomTeam Korea 애완 동물 스타일링 업계에서 지속적인 교육, 성장, 자부심 및 경쟁 정신을 장려하는 단체입니다. GroomTeam Korea는 대한민국 전문 애완용 스타일리스트가 자신의 미용 교육 및 기술을 극대화하고 세계 팀 대회에서 한국을 대표 할 수있는 기회를 제공합니다

KOCA – Thanks our Korean KOCA partner’s supports!

안녕하세요. 반려동물협회 김정철 대리입니다.
1000만 반려동물 가족 시대를 맞아 대한민국의 경쟁력 있는 반려동물 산업을 세계 최고 수준으로 육성발전 시킴과 동시에 선진화된 사육 문화 보급 및 신규 사업의 기회를 제공, 고용창출을 통한 일자리 보급을 목적으로 합니다. 생산, 경매, 판매 등 기본 유통 라인과 복지, 미용 등 서비스 부분까지 반려동물산업의 모든 산업군에서 회원으로 가입하여 활동중이며, 현재 반려동물에 대한 법안과 복지를 위해 정부와 기타 단체들과 걸어가며 최종적으로 대내외 협력을 통하여 장묘, 훈련, 용품의 질을 향상시키며, 산업박람회까지 계획하고 있습니다.

The Korea Companion animal Assosiation (KOCA)

The era of the 10 million animal families in the world is the world’s greatest contribution to the survival of the animal industry. It aims to provide enhanced nurturing culture and opportunities for new businesses and to create jobs through job creation. Membership of all industries, including production, auction and sale, welfare, and hairdressing, are registered as members of all industries in the same industry. I am currently working with the Government and I walk with the government and other organizations for the welfare of the animals and the welfare of the animals. Improve the quality of goods, training, and goods through internal and external cooperation, and plan to project up to the industrial fair.