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Why IGU / Barkleigh Certification

IGU / Barkeligh Certification. IGU / Barkleigh offers grooming certification through IGU exclusively in South Korea. Barkliegh is the premiere company serving the pet care industry in US. Barkleigh produces Groomer to Groomer and Pet Boarding & Daycare magazines that were read over 150 conutries. Barkleigh produces eight industry trade shows, including Groom Expo, Groom Expo West, Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo, The All American Grooming Show, among others. Barkleigh also offers the world class grooming contests as well as the many grooming seminars. The courses and associated exams that are required for each IGU / Barkleigh certification type may be taken at the testing site, and permanent records are maintained. Diplomas of Professional Certification are awarded to program graduates as tangible recognition of technical achievement. IGU / Barkleigh Certification offers 5 levels of certification programs. Select a Certification Program that fits your experiences and needs Grade C – Grade B – Grade A – Master – Instructor Enroll in the appropriate written and practical tests —-We will verify your experience, register you for the appropriate written and practical tests and you will select it that best fits your needs.  

IGU / Barkleigh Certification Pre-Registration Form

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Certifications Form

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