IGU Membership allows you to capture up-to-date pet industry knowledge, gain exposure to thought leaders, discover proven best practices, connect with colleagues and make new contacts.


  • 1. IGU will invites World Well-Known grooming industry leaders to give top quality seminars. (IGU members will receive 20% discount)
  • 2. IGU will offer FREE online grooming educations.
  • 3. IGU will offer Paid online in-depth grooming educations. (IGU members will receive 20% discount)
  • 4. IGU/Barkleigh Certifiers will answer all your grooming questions for free as long as you hold valid IGU memberships.


  • 1, IGU is the EXCLUSIVE partner in South Korea. Barkeigh sanctions world class grooming contest.
  • 2. Through Barkleigh / IGU grooming competition, IGU member will have the opportunity to become the Groomtean Korea member to compete overseas representing South Korea.
  • 3. IGU member will receive one FREE Barkleigh grooming competition entry in Korea or overseas (value $109)

Stay Connected

  • 1. Grow your personal and professional support system through IGU educational program.
  • 2. Expand your network and professional presence by participating IGU approved seminars and grooming trade shows.
  • 3. Build strong connections while learning best practices at IGU’s conferences and seminars.
  • 4. Gain new solutions, best practices, and pet industry news through IGU.

Boost your Knowledge

  • 1, World-class training through seminars, on-site training, and on-demand self-study courses.
  • 2, Annual conferences offer multiple learning tracks on leading practices, trends, and issues.
  • 3, Conducted by world classes pet industry leaders in the profession exploring current issues, emerging trends, and future needs through IGU
  • 4, The Partner Savings Program provides exclusive member pricing and savings from trusted providers.

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